Welcome to the Rochester Area
Chapter of The Compassionate Friends 
                Chapter Meetings: Second Tuesday of Each Month                        7:00 -9:00 p.m.
         Bethel Lutheran Church
   810 3rd Avenue SE
      Rochester, MN 55904

             Social Meetings: Fourth Tuesday of Each Month 6:30 p.m. 

Social occasion where we go out to eat and talk,
the location varies, so check your email or
our Facebook page for the location
Special Events: See Links Above for More Information

The Candle Lighting Ceremony
National Conference 
Golf Tournament
Big Iron Classic Fundraiser


Meeting Guidelines

Confidentiality: It is recommended that whatever is shared within the group remains confidential. Please be discrete outside this setting. It is not enough to conceal names; situations can be recognized as well.

Participants are welcome to ask questions, make suggestions, or just listen.

There are no right or wrong comments or feelings to express about one's own situation. The atmosphere is a safe haven for sharing.

Make every effort not to compare the importance or intensity of your struggles with those of someone else.

Consider others. Please be non-judgemental and non-prying. Respect must be shown for life circumstances such as religion, sexual orientation, ethnic background, etc. Let us all try to be careful with our language.

Respect must also be shown for the person speaking by giving him or her the group's undivided attention. Side conversations are discouraged.

We ask that you please try to attend at least three meetings. Often the first meeting brings a lot of emotions to the surface and this may make your first meeting difficult. Some say that they bring home the pain of others after listening to their stories. Attending three meeting gives you time enough to allow your emotions to even out and to understand that in sharing there is healing.


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